‚Äčaugust 24 & 25, 2018

Fa, la, la, la

Can you carry a tune?  Do you like to sing?  Well we have a NEW event for 2017 that may be just the ticket for you!

Upload a video of you singing a song of your choice, a minimum of  30 seconds in length to YouTube.  Then email that link to spudlady@potatodays.com.  The Potato Days Board of Directors will then listen and choose who goes on to the Knock out Round.  All videos are due no later than August 1st - this has been extended to August 11th!!!!

You will then be notified by August 15th if you are moving on and need to get ready for the Knock Out Round at Potato Days!   Your song choice will be due by August 18th.  And remember this is a family friendly festival so keep your song choice as such!  On Friday, August 25th, you'll have 5 minutes on stage to perform your song in front of a live audience.   The audience will then vote for our very first Potato Voice!!!!!  

All ages are encouraged.  Remember you'll need to keep the entire performance which includes getting on or and off stage to 5 minutes max as well as bring your music to the Main Stage ahead of the event.

The Potato Days Board of Directors reserves the right to refuse/reject any performance or song choice.  The Board and Judges (audience) decisions are final.

Send your YouTube link to spudlady@potatodays.com

Any questions, please contact me at spudlady@potatodays.com