‚ÄčaUGUST 28 & 29, 2020

Ready to get your art on?

Certainly one of the most unique Potato Days events is the Mashed Potato Sculpture Contest which will take center stage on Saturday beginning at 3:00 PM at Friendship Park. This contest is designed to bring out the artistic best in everybody. Anyone of any age, either male or female is encouraged to turn an ordinary pile of mashed potatoes into a work of art! Best of all, there is no registration fee and no deadline to enter.

Entrants will be supplied with a good supply of cold mashed potatoes and 30 minutes with which to create their masterpiece. Entrants may choose to bring materials such as feathers and buttons to embellish their sculptures. No paint of any kind is allowed. Thickening or hardening agents may also be used, these must be provided by the participant. Sculptures will be judged on visual appeal and innovative use of materials.

Prizes will be awarded in three categories: children, youth, and adult. First prize in the adult division is $50 in Barnesville Bucks; second prize is $25 in Barnesville Bucks. In the youth (ages 11-17) category, first prize will be awarded $15 in Barnesville Bucks, with second receiving $10 in Barnesville Bucks, and in the Children's category (ages 10 & under) first prize will be awarded $15 and second prize $10. Both in Barnesville Bonus Bucks!


There is no registration fee to enter. Pre-registration is not required, but encouraged. Send completed registration to:

Potato Days

P.O. Box 345

Barnesville, MN 56514

Pre-registrations will be given priority in the case of limited amounts of mashed potatoes. Non-registered, but interested sculptors should report to Friendship Park parking lot just prior to 3:00 PM.

Contact  Spudline at (800) 525-4901.